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Catch-22, the extended – and completely original – analysis.

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Transcendentalism and what it means to be a part of an “Unnatural” Society, according to The Scarlet Letter.


In imagining the state of humanity centuries away, should humanity prioritize its survival or its success? What are the merits of building a castle in the sky?


In chasing a dream, one cannot remain unchanged, and the American Experience, for better or for worse, reinvented – and destroyed – the man Nick Carraway knew as Jay Gatsby.

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A detective looking like both Holmes and Poirot

Holmes or Poirot?

The internet is split: which of these legendary detectives is better — and which could solve a mystery faster? The answers — with detailed comparisons, data, and explanations — are finally here.

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Philosophers Or Pessimists: Who's Right?

Orwell's 1984 contrasts directly with Aristotle's famous law of noncondradiction - but that doesn't mean it's entirely wrong.
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