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"There's been a killing at the museum.

Bob's dead, I'm sure of it.

But if that's true,

where's the body? "

Beautiful Murder

By LJ Sinclair

A mass of organized chaos, beautiful descriptions, and a wonderfully chilling twist, this story proves you can romanticize murder.

It's the grand gala celebrating the Modern and Traditional Art Museum's opening. It's an invite-only event -- celebrities and diplomats alike are eager to attend. The long-awaited-for night finally arrives, and with it, the disappearance of some guests, each vanishing one by one. As the night goes on, the excuses for their disappearances become more and more strange: one choked on their wine, the other developed an allergy to acrylic paint. Something's wrong, but can the remaining guests figure out what before it's too late?

Chapters: 2 | Status: Ongoing
Contains: violence, gore, mild romance
May be mature for younger ages
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